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U.D. Training

The view of Tendrel (Tibetan), that 'everything that arises is mutually interconnected', can be considered Buddhist Philosophy's quintessential contribution to the world. This view originated in 5th Century BC in India by Buddha Sakyamuni and was investigated and debated by the Buddhist scholars at the Nalanda University, North India.

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Country Place Lector Date sort ascending
IN India Dehradun S.T.R. Lene Handberg
16-Dec-2019 to 30-Dec-2019
U.D. Training, Module III, Part 1 & 2
DK Denmark Sostrup Slot, Djursland S.T.R. Lene Handberg
4-Dec-2019 to 8-Dec-2019
U.D. Training, Module I, Week 3 - Jogacara
IN India Dehradun S.T.R. Lene Handberg
6-Jun-2020 to 26-Jun-2020
U.D. Training, Module I, Part 3 & 4
IN India Dehradun Lilian Borel
S.T.R. Lene Handberg
6-Jan-2020 to 24-Jan-2020
U.D. Training, Module I, Part 1 & 2
ES Spain Barcelona S.T.R. Lene Handberg
13-Nov-2019 to 17-Nov-2019
U.D. Training - Module I, Week 2 - Sautrantika
SK Slovakia Harmonia, Modra S.T.R. Lene Handberg
23-Nov-2019 to 27-Nov-2019
Shamata and Vipassana
DE Germany Berlin S.T.R. Lene Handberg
1-Nov-2019 to 6-Nov-2019
New U.D. Training opening in Germany
IN India Dehradun
15-Oct-2019 to 22-Oct-2019
Intro to Dzogchen from U.D.