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Indo-Tibetan Dream Wisdom on web series Dreaming as a Doorway

Dreaming as a doorway
A 12 day exploration through the art & practice of Dreaming through a multicultural lens.

Lene Handberg gives presentationon on day 10:

Indo - Tibetan dream wisdom
"In this introductory talk on UD dream-work, I will discuss the interconnectedness of our natural body-mind beingness and the processes of falling asleep, the death-process, the dream-state, the bardo (intermediating state between this and next life) and the Tantric practices, one of which is the Dream-Yoga. If time allows, I would try also to introduce how to deal directly with dreams for the purpose of loosening up vulnerable self-structures that otherwise might influence our lives.
Employing these ancient Indo-Tibetan dream methods gives the practitioner powerful tools to directly and radically deal with underlying emotional and psychological issues manifesting in the dream. For the apt practitioner, mastering the dream-body could make the dreamstate a platform for entering the spiritual dimension."

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Friday, March 19, 2021