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Courses and retreats are held in English with translation into the language of the respective country.


Country Place Lector Date Course
PL Poland Wrocław, WenderEdu Business Center, ul. Św. Józefa 1/3. Lene Handberg
13-Oct-2017 to 15-Oct-2017
Ancient Tibetan Dream Wisdom
NL Netherlands Jewel Heart Centre, Nijmegen Ton Backus
Christine Klett-Esters
Caroline Vossen
14-Oct-2017 Conference: Unity in Duality and Trauma
NL Netherlands Groesbeek Lene Handberg
24-Oct-2017 to 29-Oct-2017
U.D. Training, Module II, Week 3 – Dual Transformation
DE Germany Wald-Michelbach, Buddhas Weg Lene Handberg
3-Nov-2017 to 9-Nov-2017
U.D. Training, Module III, Week 1
FR France Paris, Enclose Rey Lene Handberg
18-Nov-2017 to 22-Nov-2017
U.D. Training, Module II, Week 2 - Dynamics of Mind
FR France Paris Geneviève Hamelet
16-Dec-2017 to 17-Dec-2017
Revealing Natural Energy Resources
IN India Tarab Ling, Maldevta-Raipur Road, Dehradun Lene Handberg
26-Dec-2017 to 30-Dec-2017
Ancient Tibetan Dream Wisdom