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A new forum of the Unity in Duality Newsletter
Editor: Robert Keurntjes (NL)

Welcome to the forum of the Unity in Duality newsletter. Here are some basic ideas behind this new initiative:
One of the main aims of the newsletter is to make Unity in Duality more accessible to people. For that reason we are planning to bring at least one main article on ancient Indo-Tibetan knowledge - Unity in Duality into each newsletter. These articles will be concerned with Unity in Duality science of mind and phenomena in regard the interrelationship between 'body' and 'mind', between 'energy' and 'matter', as well as between 'subject' and 'object', including presentations into the Unity in Duality way of using 'dream', 'death' and 'energy' for its application to self-development and psychotherapy etc.

With this newsletter we also hope to create a lively forum for exchanging views and experiences among persons using Unity in Duality for instance for self-development and psychotherapeutic application, but also we would like to encurrage broarder analysis of worldwide importance based on the Unity in Duality perspective.

The newsletter will of course also give space for information of the Unity in Duality programme as well as on more specific arrangements by the respective Tarab Institutes.

With this introduction we wish that the reading of this and future Unity in Duality newsletters will prove to be fruitful in respect to creating more harmony and joy within ourselves and in the world around us.

We hope you will enjoy reading it.