Sandrine Gousset

Sandrine Gousset
Ph.D. in Sociology and Political Science, she has been working in universities in the U.S. and France for a few years before graduating in Psychology and Psychotherapy. Recognized therapist she runs her own practice nearby Paris, working with individual as well as with groups in enterprises.

From 2001 on, she has been the translator of Tarab Rinpoche and Lene Handberg. She is also translating in French all the written material. She holds a Semrig Thablam Mawa degree in « Unity in Duality ». She is at present member of the Educational committee in France and in Tarab Institute International. She is giving UD workshops in Europe, assisting Lene Handberg and teaching parts of the UD training in France and Slovakia.

Country Date Upcoming events
DK Denmark
18-Apr-2019 to 19-Apr-2019
Nearness to Oneself and Openness to the World
FR France
8-Jun-2019 to 12-Jun-2019
U.D. Training - Module III, Week 2
FR France
29-Jun-2019 to 30-Jun-2019
Ancient Tibetan Dream Wisdom
FR France
11-Aug-2019 to 17-Aug-2019
Mandala: balancing our element energies
FR France
5-Oct-2019 to 11-Oct-2019
U.D. Training - Module III, Week 3