S.T.R. Lene Handberg

A psychotherapist, she studied Psychology and Tibetology at Copenhagen University. She holds a Semrig Thablam Rabjam degree (S.T.R./Dr. in Unity in Duality Eastern Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena and its Application) in ancient inner-science and it’s application. She had the great fortune to work with the great scholar, Dr. Phil. Tarab Tulku, Lharampa Geshe, for 25 years, and assisted him in developing and teaching the UD program, and Late Tarab Rinpoche XI finally entrusted her the responsibility of the UD program in 2004. Lene Handberg is Educational Director of Tarab Institute International, an organization with branches in Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Holland and India, devoted to advancing the universalities of ancient eastern inner-science.  Lene Handberg is the President of Tarab Ling Association. 

Country Datesort descending Upcoming events
FR France 15-Aug-2020 to 21-Aug-2020 Samatha/Vipassana CANCELED
NL Netherlands 28-Aug-2020 to 2-Sep-2020 Summer retreat - Compassion, natural expression of interrelatedness
DK Denmark 9-Sep-2020 to 13-Sep-2020 U.D. Training, M I, part 4
FR France 19-Sep-2020 to 20-Sep-2020 Module III and supervision (by Zoom)
ES Spain 10-Oct-2020 to 14-Oct-2020 U.D. Training, M I, part 3 Yogacara
SK Slovakia 24-Oct-2020 to 28-Oct-2020 U.D. Training, M I, part 1
DE Germany 6-Nov-2020 to 11-Nov-2020 U.D. Training, M I, part 4
NL Netherlands 18-Nov-2020 to 22-Nov-2020 New U.D. training opening in Holland
IN India 10-Dec-2020 to 15-Dec-2020 Vaibhasika for graduates
IN India 17-Dec-2020 to 23-Dec-2020 Sautrantika for graduates
IN India 3-Jan-2021 to 8-Jan-2021 Mandala retreat
IN India 11-Jan-2021 to 16-Jan-2021 Indo-Tibetan Dream Workshop
IN India 17-Jan-2021 to 24-Jan-2021 Indo-Tibetan Dream Workshop continue practice