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Einheit in der Vielfalt|3 of 4

An extremely positive side-effect of the nature of the Tendrel - Unity in Duality Conference was that the scientists during the conference discovered a common ground they might beforehand have had a good intuition of, but little direct experience. The conference had created a common platform where the different scientific disciplines could meet, as Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr had hoped for: "My expectation in respect to this conference was that I was very concerned about the current world situation and was asking myself: is the aspect of this conference important? And then I thought: Yes, right now the contact between the different disciplines is very important..."
   With M.A. Marit Rullmann: "Here I have discovered a reality anew: That science is possible in a different way - at German universities inter-subjective scientific collaboration is not the rule, and there is very little possibility to meet as in this interdisciplinary conference."
   And with Birgit Baader in Die Zeit: "Hope remains that conferences and meetings such as Unity in Duality, that contribute to more intercultural and interdisciplinary understanding, do not remain an exception but become an established institution as soon as possible."

The audience greatly supported the scientists in the presentations of their fascinating views - illuminating the latest results within one discipline after the other - forming a splendid kaleidoscopic 'image' of the universe from the smallest to the largest possible. However, at the end the audience gave rise to several questions, such as: "Why does it take so long before the results of the modern scientific research, breaking the ordinary barriers, become implemented in our culture to create a real impact on our way of living?"
    Dr. Rupert Sheldrake elucidated this point by saying: "Several people told me that they were amazed how well the scientists agreed with each other, and how wonderful this message of modern science was... However, the kind of views you have been hearing here the last few days are not typical of those you hear in the most scientific institutes. There is a long way to go before these discoveries are actually permeating science itself, and even further to go before they effect science education, which is still teaching un-reconstructive materialism to 100 million young people around the world. They are all learning old style science portrayed in the most old fashioned way, with very few exceptions. There is an awful long way to go before these discoveries permeate our culture."

A common vision - that appeared to come true - gave rise to an energy flow and a mutually interconnecting feeling among scientists and audience alike:
   The meeting of worlds that normally appear as contradictory: the meetings of hardcore science, which our normal view of reality is based on, and ancient knowledge, spiritually related wisdom.
   As Prof. Thuan expressed it in an interview with journalist Michaela Doepke: "There is an enormous energy here. I believe we all share a common vision... all the participants of the conference were searching... for a connection between science and Buddhism. Three days to examine reality. Yes, and there is this common energy field to be felt in the room. All together there is a very positive resonance here, not only in a mental, intellectual respect... one can really feel how body and mind form a unity."

I hope with this book we will be able to convey most of the richness of this groundbreaking conference to the reader. Also I hope that having this material at hand gives the necessary time for deeper reflections in terms of the implementation of what became so obvious in the conference setting. Hopefully also a book like this will help our teachers at the different educational institutions to push for a change of curriculum that allows the students to get a much earlier insight into the new paradigm that modern science, both by itself and in its meeting with ancient inner science, portraits. May this work give rise to the unfoldment of insight for the help of human beings to realize the basic interrelationships of existence for a more constructive, responsible and joyous perspective for the future.