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Einheit in der Vielfalt|4 of 4

On behalf of Tarab Tulku Rinpoche¹ I wish to raise special thanks to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his attendance of the conference and for his acknowledgement and great support for Tarab Rinpoche's new form of presenting the 'ancient science of mind and reality' in terms of Unity in Duality, which is beyond the boundaries of culture and faith. Last year His Holiness officially claimed that he found Tarab Rinpoche to be one of the most eminent scholar of Buddhism, and at the very sad occation of Rinpoche's passing away the Dalai Lama proclaimed that it is a great sorrow for all of us that Tarab Tulku Rinpoche should pass away so early, as Rinpoche's work is extremely important for our time.
¹ Tarab Tulku Rinpoche unfortunately died all too early September 23, 2004.

Also very special thanks to the scientists, who with their great openmindedness and enthusiasm courageously engaged in presenting enormously interesting research results in answer to Tarab Rinpoche's call for meeting on the same ground, facilitating a meeting in the real sense of the word.

A deep thank you also goes to all the persons who so generously have invested their feelings, time and ideas and to those who have given financial support and hard work for making it possible for the Tendrel - Unity in Duality Conference and the Unity in Duality book to come about. All have been parts of this great puzzle necessary for these fascinating connections to be seen and known to people at large.

Allow me to finish this preface on behalf of many people to raise our deepfelt thanks to the late Tarab Tulku Rinpoche for his genius and openmindedness that made it possible for him to present and preserve for the future the ancient wisdom buried within Buddhism in a way, that makes it available for all persons despite faith and culture in terms of Unity in Duality - many books on which are on their way.
   Also we should like to thank Rinpoche deeply for the immense generosity with which he shared with us his knowledge until the last minutes and even throughout his deathprocess, and not least our deep thanks for the grace and love he managed to give us a taste of by his great example, which I am sure will forever stay in the hearts of those who have been so fortunate to be in contact with this most compassionate being.

Lene Handberg,
December 14, 04. Aix-en-Provence