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TARAB LING INSTITUTE - Sponsoring and benefits for society

Join the Sponsorship Scheme

1) Studio Apartment Sponsorship Scheme
A number of specially designed and ecologically sustainable one-room self-catering studio apartments will become available as the building project proceeds. Each apartment may be occupied on a single or double basis.
These apartments will provide ideal spaces for retreat purposes or may be occupied by students following the Unity in Duality training at Tarab Ling Institute who do not always wish to eat in the communal refectory.
Each apartment occupies a space of 30 square meters and includes a private ensuite bath/shower room with its own toilet. All the apartments have either their own balcony area for sitting out or give private access to the beautiful natural gardens.
Every sponsor of the Tarab Ling Institute apartments will for 10 years have the right of sole occupier for one full month in the year – or for the duration of a specified retreat period.
Building costs are being kept as low as possible in keeping with local, practical and aesthetic considerations and those joining the scheme at this stage will have the opportunity of sponsoring an apartment for as
little as 7,000€.

2) Teaching Hall Sponsorship Scheme
There will be only 10 sponsorships available for students who wish to invest in the Unity in Duality Education. Such a sponsorship will give
the possibility to attend a monthly teaching each year for free, five successive years. It will be possible to sponsor the teaching hall in this way for only 10.000€.

3) Plain Sponsoring
If you join the Tarab Ling Institute sponsorship Scheme without Award for donations exceeding 1000€ your name will be engraved on a sponsor plaque at your discretion.

Use your tax reduction!
Please notice that contributions towards Tarab Ling Institute is tax deductible in Germany and Denmark. Contact the local Tarab Institute for further information. Please notice there is no tax reduction on the Studio Apartment Sponsorship Scheme.


Donations for Tarab-Ling Building Project

If you would like to join any of the Sponsorships, please send your contribution direct to the bank accounts below or by cheque to the respective addresses below. In order that the Institute can issue your receipt please inform: The kind of sponsorship you will undertake; Your name, address, e-mail and telephone.

Tarab Institute International

Store Søhøj
Hørsholm Kongevej 40, DK-2970 Hørsholm
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S, Hørsholm Midtpunkt 78,
DK-2970 Hørsholm
Money transfer in DKK; registration no.:1329 account no.: 6269-278-771
Money transfer in €;
IBAN: DK4020005036283612; SWIFT/BIC NDEADKKK
Registration no.:1329 account no.: 5036283612

Tarab Ling Association

Co. Wangchuk Gyalpo
51 Old Rajpur
Rajpur-248009 Dehra Dun, India
Offi ce/Director: Norbu Wangchuk
Lower Kirsali, PO. Kulhan
Sahastradhara Road,
Dehradun 248001, India

Tarab Institute Deutschland

c/o Axel Brenzinger
Schimmelmannallee 14, D-22043 Hamburg
Deutsche Bank München, BLZ 70070024, Account Number: 1923 820
BIC: DEUTDEDBMUC and IBAN: DE83700700240192382000

Tarab Institute France
Tarab Projects Association

12 rue Claude Monet
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Crédit Agricole de Boulogne-Billancourt
Etab:18206 Guichet:00380 Compte:65011649356 Clé:05
IBAN: FR76 1820 6003 8065 0116 4935 605


Interaction with and benefits for the society

Interaction with the scientific community
One of Tarab Tulku's great achievements was to link the ancient Indian science of mind and phenomena with the modern scientific understanding. A breakthrough in this relation was the conference on 'Unity in Duality' held in Munich in 2002 where a number of distinguished scientists were partaking.
Before the Munich conference Tarab Tulku Rinpoche had distributed his paper on Unity in Duality - Tendrel to the attending scientists. This paper had deeply impressed and challenged the scientists - as they later expressed it in their own unique ways. For instance Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr started his speech with the words: "I was very touched by the introduction that Tarab Tulku gave in his paper, and by his comment, that if we were to actually accept the implications of modern science and the ancient eastern wisdom, our view of our outer and inner world and our everyday life would change dramatically. Yes, this is what is necessary today, and that is why I am here. I totally agree with you. We may argue in slightly different ways, because we come from different poles, but the exciting thing is that we have a lot in common."
A book in German titled 'Einheit in der Vielfalt' with a collection of the different scientific articles from the conference was released in March 2005.

Interaction with the community at large
One of the major industries of Dehra Dun is educational institutions of all kind. Tarabling will fit very well into this pattern and add an international perspective. Since March 2005 the 'Unity in Duality' training programme has been taking place at the Songtsen Library, Centre for Tibetan and Himalayan Studies in Dehra Dun as well as at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Stuies in Sarnath, under the University of Varanasi.

Interaction with the local community
The institute will be seated in a typical small village completely surrounded by forest and the river bed. Contact with the villagers has been friendly and there is an expectation from the villagers that the project will benefit the community. It is our intention to employ local people for service jobs and building maintaining etc. Right now we have one person engaged as a guard, and we have employed local craftsmen for upkeeping the land and to maintain the old farmhouse.
Apart form this, the institute will give the opportunity for the villagers to establish different small businesses.

Photo from Tarab Ling, Tarab Tulku with some of the founding members, supporters and local villagers.