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Revealing Natural Energy Resources

Harmonising masculine & feminine energies

Balancing rational and intuitive energy with each other and creating a free 'energy' flow is crucial to create harmony between one-self and the surroundings. Grounding these in the heart centre releases the most profound healing power available to mankind.

In accordance with the ancient wisdom of Tibet, it is possible to reach a subtle energy level where it no longer makes sense to differentiate between a physical and a mental aspect of our being. This energy level is what Chakra Energy refers to.
At a Chakra Energy level the subtle energies of our being flow freely, supporting each other in mutual relation. The actual goal of the Chakra Energy practices is also to unite the subtle psychophysical Chakra Energies of the intellect and the psychophysical Chakra Energies of intuition-feeling in the Heart Chakra, in order to heal duality, and develop a most 'subtle energy being'.

For applying at a level of Personal Development, Tarab Tulku has extracted essential ideas from the original knowledge of the Chakra Energy tradition, making them available and useful to people of modern cultures.

Generally we distinguish between physical and mental energy, but in accordance with Indo-Tibetan understanding, the body-mind aspects always follow each other and cannot exist apart. Any mind state is connected with a certain level of body and vice versa.

The body-mind energies have many levels. Generally speaking, they can be divided into 3 levels: a gross body-mind energy level relating to the physical body and ordinary mind dominated by conceptualisation; a more subtle body-mind energy level of the mind-senses – a level we can work with, when we succeed in going beyond the ordinary coarse level; and finally, the actual Chakra Energy level, which is related to a subtle body-mind like the dream body.

During the course we will first be working with the surface level of the body-mind energies. We will learn to balance them, promoting the direct sense experience, and thus seeking to become acquainted with, increase and balance the energies of the intellect and the energies of feeling-sensation-intuition. From the level of direct sense experience it is possible to progress into the experience of the mind-senses. This gives the opportunity to work on developing the flow and cooperation between the more subtle energies, in order to raise the natural potential of being, and to develop a mutual communication between the body-mind and the inner and outer energies.