a timeless universal wisdom concerning
human existence and the existence of the


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If we were to realize how interrelated we are
we would take great care of the others
as they are part of ourselves

– The founder of Unity in Duality Education, Tarab Rinpoche

Applied Philosophy and Meditation for Better Living

The complexities of family and professional relationships, the impression of being trapped in our mind, having lost connection with the basic needs of our body, our whole being, having no energy, being overwhelmed. All lead to a feeling of stress, we are all looking for answers.
Meditation and applied philosophy, when inextricably linked, can lead to real “well-being” and a “better life”.

A modern and secular approach
designed for People of Modern cultures

Tarab Tulku XI insisted on the empowering effect of realising the interrelationships of the diversity of perceptual capacities (subject-poles) and experience (object-poles) and body-mind.
Its approach allows:

  • to understand these (by theory),
  • to feel these possibilities opening (through investigative meditation practices),

Why is this teaching
innovative and unique?

It offers:

  • the transmission of useful knowledge, directly applicable in our daily life;
  • the rigorous yet simple teaching of the practice of meditation, and the understanding of how and why it works;
  • A re-reading of ancient texts (psychological and philosophical) adjusted to the modern perspectives of the human being evolving in modern society

Introduction To Unity in Duality

Unity in Duality is the foundation for Tarab Rinpoche’s teachings.

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Transformation of being

Tarab Tulku XI has developed therapeutic methods dealing with self healing.
Realising how intimately connected subject/object, mind/body, matter/energy we are able to attain a more genuine, well rounded view of ourselves and reality.


There has to be a mind to recognise an experience.
The mind is the subject, the experience is the object


The mind functions on a multitude of levels to understand experiences.
The body is fully enmeshed with the mind.
There needs to be harmony between the two.

Matter – Energy

For matter and potentiality, energy is the driver.
Starting with creation, moving through existence and finishing with dissolution.
We need a balance between all these phases to be functioning beings.


Tarab Institute International

A non-profit umbrella organisation coordinating the legally and financially independent Tarab Institutes and Tarab Ling Institute

our main objectives

  • Teaching and research in ’Unity in Duality’ Inner Science of Mind and Existents within the fields of:
    Personal Development,
    Education, Relational, Therapeutic and Spiritual Application.
  • Carrying out comparative studies of:
    ’Unity in Duality’ versus Modern Western Sciences & Humanities;
  • Supporting Educational Institutions working with Unity in Duality,
    as well as persons studying and or researching the principles of Unity in Duality
  • Publication of Literature and arranging of Courses as well as Education in connection with items 1 and 2 above

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