Basic Nature of the Body-Mind – Beyond Surface Manifestation

Hey, let’s hook up!
Allowing our psyche to open up, dive deep and say hello to our whole being. We can at least be friends, right!


We will use direct methods based on classic meditation forms.
Examining our concept of experienced reality leads us to a profound level of wholeness and true self-healing.

content workshop

During this course, you will be introduced to original methods, providing experience and insight into the nature of the body-mind connection.
The workshop will also look at subject-object (experienced reality) relationships. These take place at both a surface and a subtle level. Learning to develop a profound subject-object relationship. Making it possible to calm the conceptual mind and accompanying emotions providing the experience of a more direct and uninterrupted deeper sensory perception. Giving insight into the projections we otherwise take to be reality and profound level of wholeness and true self-healing.

The Indo-Tibetan tradition goes beyond the surface manifestation of the mind to reach our intrinsic nature. The most direct methods of accessing the nature of mind are Mahamudra, Dzog-Chen and Void/Sūnyatā meditation methods. Characteristic of the nature of mind is the intrinsic and united quality of sal and rig (Tib.), clarity/movement/trace of embodiment and clarity or principle of consciousness related to ‘principal awareness nature’ (Tib. sal,), and its ‘subtle energy’ the trace of matter nature (Tib. rig). Although sal-rig is the basis from which all mental and physical aspects arise and develop, this subtle ‘mindbody’ is generally not available to us in our normal state of being. In a normal state of mind, we tend to identify with conceptual ideas and the emotional feelings associated with it.