Introduction to Dzogchen
– Approaching Rigpa

Join the choir for the song of the universe.



Dzogchen is the meditation practice we have heard of in the quiet corners of our journey.

A remarkable practice enabling us to feel the essential part of our being and the world around us.

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Dzogchen Practice with reference to Tsik Sum Né Dek by Garab Dorje “Hitting the Essence in three Words”
Based on Tarab Tulku Rinpoche’s teaching and realisation

“Rigpa nature” points to the essential truth, the final truth, the true wholeness/unity nature of existence.

In Dzogchen practice we are dealing directly with basic essence, rigpa being the basis of the universe, of everything.
Time and space can be extended. This extension has many layers depending on the body and mind level and how the mind on this basis experiences existence. Attaining a deeper body-mind connection of our being we move toward universal essence. On approaching the subtle level, the basis (our condition), path (practice) and goal (where we head) move closer one another.

The view (shi or dawa), how everything exists: Dzogchen is a deep meditation and approaches the basis of existence (including ourselves), best described as: non-isolated, non-dual being, connected with everything in union, free, without boundaries, rigpa.

The path (lam), practice, is aimed at dealing with the final condition of self and existence. The path has both means (thab) and wisdom (sherab).
The means of the conventional path is love and compassion, whereas Dzoghen uses only means directed towards pure nature of existence, wisdom (sherab), direct realisation of rigpa.

The goal (dre): nature of mind and rigpa are affirmative approaches, not explained from the negation side as in void by Nagarjuna. Beyond functional reality there is pure nature, rigpa, connected with Dharmakaya, experiencing this a higher yogi-mind is necessary, though it can be touched on before this level is achieved.

In this course, we will primarily be working with feeling mind perception, the beginning of which is body sensation, progressively using Dzogchen practices for training the sixth mind feeling.
We will go as deep in the practice towards rigpa as our feeling-awareness takes us, at increasingly deeper levels working on this perceptive capacity, which is essential for any meditation: the vital feeling means.

The Deepest Union
The Essence, primordial and pure,
Is awareness and emptiness,
The deepest union
Spontaneous arising being,
Is clarity and emptiness
The deepest union
The highest Mind, all pervading,
Is appearance and emptiness
The deepest union

verses by Tarab Rinpoche,
Translated by Belinda Zardis, September 2010, Germany.