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Module I, Week 3: Yogacara UD International Training

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Yogācāra-studies introduce the evolution of existence from the unity level into more and more dual states, up to our individual existence as human beings with our perceptive capacities and realities. We enter into our studies with help of two outstanding Indian scholars Asaṅga and Vasubandhu and their texts: Mahāyānasamgraha and Triṃśikakārikā respectively. Their insights help us to open to a deep interrelated nature of all existence, including the personal level and taking us far beyond this. They are giving food for thought on many of today’s questions on the nature of the potential field of existence.

Also, they make us realize how we are part and parcel of the interrelated web of evolutionary unfoldments of all existences, including interrelated and entwined development of ‘mind’ and ‘matter’. This material is not only making transparent the backbone of meditative transformation in regard to spiritual paths, but it also makes us more aware of how caring for ourselves and caring for our planet are deeply entwined.

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S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

Practical information

This module is part of the first UD International training which is in the frame of the Tarab Institute Spain, Tarab Ling, India and Tarab Institute Denmark.
In this UD International Training we offer four courses every year: two of which will be on Zoom (arranged by TI-Spain) and two with presence at Tarab Ling, India.
For the detailed information , schedule, cost and registration..

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2024-02-23 to



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