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Module I, Week 4: Madhyamaka UD International Training

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Mādhyamaka-studies offer surprisingly modern analysis of the fundamental nature of the inherent laws of existence at all levels of being. We follow Nāgārjuna with his Mūlamādhyamaka and Candrakīrti with his Mādhyamakāvatāra, both Nalanda scholars and yogis. The laws of existence presented here correlate with modern science and Madhyamaka is complementing them by the deep insight into the relational nature of everything existing, and equally to the subject side as to the object side. In this context, Tarab Rinpoche highlights how Subject-Object, Body-Mind and Energy (potential-field)-Matter, are pairs of opposites, which are at the same time in unity.

By this he demonstrates how unity and duality in regard to everything existing are not just separate but simultaneously inseparable. Understanding and gaining insight in our own personal experience how everything is relational with no final reference, could render transparent our genuine self-empowering capacities, and open up to understanding of the deep levels of meditation on the essence of ourselves and the universe.

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S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

Practical information

This module is part of the first UD International training which is in the frame of the Tarab Institute Spain, Tarab Ling, India and Tarab Institute Denmark.
In this UD International Training we offer four courses every year: two of which will be on Zoom (arranged by TI-Spain) and two with presence at Tarab Ling, India.
For the detailed information , schedule, cost and registration..

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(Remark: this Madhyamika course was previous scheduled 22-28 June but will be shifted to May 2 th-8th)


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2024-05-02 to


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