Module I, 1 Vaibhasika Inner-Science 2023 06 30-07 03

Friday June 30 to Monday July 3, 2023, The Netherlands Nijmegen

Vaibhāṣika-studies open up to the differentiation made in the inner-sciences of 6 perceptive capacities and connected experiences that we normally use but tend not to differentiate in our modern view. By means of exercises we learn how these insights can give first-hand experience of interrelatedness between subject (mind) and object (experience and reference),

opening up possibilities to actively influence which ‘mind’ we use and therefore which reality becomes accessible for us. For this we will study Vasubandhu’s compilation of “Abhidharmakośa”, an exposition of ancient eastern psychology and philosophy, based on extracts and helped by explanations from Tarab Rinpoche.


S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

Practical information

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