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Module II, 2 the dynamics of the different types of mind-2022 11 23-27

Wednesday Nov. 23 to Sunday Nov. 27, 2022, France, Paris

The study of the dynamic of the minds on the basis of the self-reference offers insights in how we build up our realities from the centre of the self-reference feeling. We learn to recognise the way the conceptual, image and feeling perceptions become activated and influence each other in our own system and how this impacts our life.

We explore why and how harmonious and vulnerable self-references unfold from imprints under secondary causes and how they influence us as they appear. From experiencing this dynamic, it becomes clear how changing or refining the cooperation of the different types of perceptions, and changing the self-reference feeling, can help us to better and deepen our experience of us and reality.


Sandrine and Genevieve (in French)

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