Dealing with fear of Change – going beyond identity fixations

This is where Buddhism excels. Connection, changes and continuation: Finding comfort in taking part in the natural flow of existence.


We will work on removing our fear as life changes. Accepting and discovering a quiet comfort in the natural course of existence. Using specific practices to gently observe the changes taking place and opening opportunities for new beginnings.


In this course, therefore, we will deal with the presence of change and cessation in daily life. Investigate whether or not life is impacted with on-going movement of creation, being and cessation for the next instant to appear.
If one identifies with what is apt to change fixed idea about self, others or circumstances, fear naturally arises. Fears are actually connected with the death of that with which one identifies as oneself and/or others, often with a fixation of oneself or others that doesn’t exist as such outside our conceptual ideas. Whereas if one succeeds in joining a ‘self-reference feeling’ or any experience with direct-perception (not abstracted or generalised or fixated with a name), one’s experience remains part of the natural transformation process without fear of losing oneself or others.

Dealing with change, for freeing ourselves from such unnecessary fears, following the natural rhythm of a moment-to-moment changing nature, to rest in the flow of existence. Giving an experiential insight into the relationships of life, cessation and existential fears, and into the fact that cessation, being part and parcel of life itself, opens to the joy of living that is both healing and revealing. In this way, we will give tools for personal development.