Fonden Tarab Institute International (F-TII)

The Foundation Tarab Institute International


F-TII is a tax-relieved, non-profit organisation.
It is a coordinating umbrella organisation of the legally and financially independent Tarab Institutes and Tarab Ling Institute*.

History of F-Tii

In 2007, three years after Tarab Rinpoche passed away, representatives of the National Tarab Institutes at the time running the UD Education, plus graduates of the Unity of Duality Training (UD) established Tarab Institute International. This would function as an umbrella organisation for coordinating UD Education, week and weekend courses together with other common activities of the national Tarab Institutes, including Tarab Ling, India.

The Founding Members of F-TII are
Tarab Institute Denmark: Tarab Institute Germany: Tarab Institute France and Lene Handberg.

Members of a provisional board were elected: Lene Handberg (DK), Axel Brenzinger (D), Sandrine Gousset (F), Fleming Svejstrup (DK), Norbu Wangchuk (India), Francois Calmes (F). The initial task was to establish the F-TII statutes** and F-TII ethical rules**.

status of F-TII

Status of The Foundation Tarab Institute International (F-TII)
F-TII is a tax-relieved, non-profit organisation. It is a coordinating umbrella organisation of the legally and financially independent Tarab Institutes and Tarab Ling Institute*.

Board members
The Foundation-TII consists of a representative from each Tarab Institute and Tarab Ling Institute, an Educational Director, and a representative from the UD Graduates.

The Objectives of F-TII

The Objectives of F-TII are the following

  • Teaching and research in ’Unity in Duality’ Inner Science of Mind and Existents within the fields of Personal Development, Education, Relational, Therapeutic and Spiritual Application.
  • Carrying out comparative studies of: ’Unity in Duality’ versus Modern Western Sciences & Humanities
  • Publication of Literature and arranging of Courses as well as Education in connection with items 1 and 2 above
  • Distribution through all available media in connection with 3 items above
  • Supporting Educational Institutions working with Unity in Duality, as well as persons studying and or researching the principles of Unity in Duality.

Trademark protection
F-TII holds the UD trademark protection

The revenues of F-TII

Revenues of the Foundation

  • Return on investments.
  • Revenue in connection with the UD Education and Courses organised by the National Tarab and/or Tarab Ling Institutes, or in any other institute where T.I. Int., should decide to arrange ’Unity in Duality’ Education and/or Courses. The revenue split between the various institutions is decided each year by the Board of Directors, for the following year.
  • Contributions from any and all National Tarab/Tarab Ling Institutions’, as well as from individuals, where each contributor has specified that the contribution shall be used to fulfil the objectives of T.I. Int.
  • Funds raised via subscriptions and publications.
  • Courses, Conferences, and Exhibitions arranged by T.I. Int.
  • Gifts, heritage and public or private donations where the donor has designated the donation to be used to secure and/or strengthen the objectives of the Foundation only.


* The Tarab Institute in India, the Tarab Ling Institute, was built for the purpose of bringing the original teachings back to their origin, now in Tarab Rinpoche’s universally accessible form for people of modern cultures. This project was a deep wish of Tarab Rinpoche before his all too early passing away in 2004, and the building of which was possible only due to the establishment of the F-TII, through which donations from F-TII and private UD practitioners could be channelled. Tarab Ling was inaugurated in 2014.

** The full wordings of the F-TII statutes and ethical rules can be downloaded here