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Module III week 1 Art of Relating-2023 4 1-5

Saterday Apr. 1 to Wednesday Apr. 5, 2023, Germany, Berlin

During this course we train in encounters to listen from the UD view of Subject–Object and Body–Mind interrelationship into the dynamic process of perceptions, conscious as well as subconscious, that builds up the other’s reality. This implies dealing with our own interrelated body-mind dynamic system and taking care of our own self-reference structure based on ‘nearness to self’ and ‘openness to the other’, while exploring the new possibilities for change in the other that this first stage of ‘using oneself as a tool’ has to offer.

We practice how to use the Unity in Duality view of the encounters with help of reports specifically based on the view of Subject–Object and Body–Mind interrelationships in theory and practice.


S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

Practical information

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