Module III week 2 Art of Relating-2023 11 11-15

Saturday Nov. 11 to Wednesday Nov. 15, 2023, Germany, Berlin

During this course, we train to identify and deal with different types of self-reference structures in the other, studying their etiology, how they manifest in behavioural structures, and how to apply the appropriate methods from UD Art-of-Relating. From the condition trained in M III, 1, now we are specifically training to feel into the self-reference condition of the other and how to support the other with transformation of their core structure, training now the second stage of ‘using ourselves as tools’.

With all of this, we pursue tuning into the high ethical code that is possible based on the view and training in UD Art-of-Relating.
We practice how to discuss and write about our experiences, using the Art-of-Relating Reports.


S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

Practical information

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