Module III week 3 Art of Relating-2024 4 6-10

Saturday Apr. 6 to Wednesday Apr. 10, 2024, Germany, Berlin

This course “Death–Key to Creation” is aimed at training how to recognise and deal with existential fear concerning self and others, with special focus on assisting others at the time of dying. We train in dealing with our own fears by going through death processes in imagery body, based on the view of Subject–Object, Body–Mind and Energy(potential-field)–Matter inter-relationships, in theory, and practice.

We practice in encounters to assist others in death-like processes, while continuously training to ‘use oneself as a tool’ with all that has been introduced in MIII, 1& 2, implementing as well the ethical code which is of the essence for proper UD Art-of-Relating. All along we also practice how to use the Art-of-Relating Reports.


S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

Practical information

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