Going Beyond Reactive Language and Cultural Fixations

“You talking to me?”
How we speak creates the reality we exist in. We will look at grounding, non-language perception taking us beyond cultural boundaries.


What we name and the language we use colours the reality we exist in.
A clearer understanding of language, culture and individual influences will allow us freedom in our experience of the world.
The workshop will be working with non-language perception, in trusting the sense experience as the grounding, providing a collective human reality.

content workshop

When language controls our relationship with the world around us, our reality becomes encoded through words. Language creates an abstract reality, which we mistakenly take to be sense reality.
Learning a language, the words we choose to express ourselves, naturally involve a subconscious elimination of what we don’t name. Existing in a conceptually dominated reality, we find ourselves fixated by naming and describing. Words reflect an evolving culture. Words we choose tend to display individual experiences and personality traits. Create expressions that again continuously influence and impact our reality.

Therefore one culture to another experiences different actualities. When translating from one language or culture, it is almost unavoidable not to impose interpretation coloured by one’s heritage.
Individuals within a single culture will have different conceptual realities. Understanding cultural, language and individual influences, we become aware of otherwise subconscious conceptual abstractions and eliminations in our perceived reality. Allowing us to regain freedom in how we describe/fixate.

We could actualise the possibility with genuine cooperation between language and non-language perception, trusting the ordinary or deeper sense experiencing, which provides a collective human reality. Providing we continuously open these grounding capacities and other non-language perceptive opportunities, we could free ourselves from a predetermining conceptual reality and fixations, taking us beyond individual and even cultural boundaries.

Moving away from the subconscious culturally and personally determined fixations of reality, based on a wider perceptive spectrum, make our minds flexible following the constant change and transformational processes of life, ourselves and existence for dealing more accurately with how it unfolds in the present moment.