Graduation program


The Graduation Program is leading towards full integration of Unity in Duality theory and practice by stimulating and inspiring students to bring out their own knowledge and insights. Also, its aim is to create contact and integrate students in the international Unity in Duality Community;

Prerequisites: for attending the Graduation Program:
a) Completion of the Module I, II and III Courses, Retreats and Assignments;
b) Completion of sessions of Module I, II, and III – see above.

Supervision: Min. 3-Sessions: own choice among assigned UD graduates;
International Retreat: The Graduation Program consists of an 8-day retreat together with the international graduate community;
International Group-supervision: One weekend or two supervision days.

Time frame: 1-year, with possibility of extension of this period.

Module Graduation I9

Yearly International Retreat

for Graduates and Graduates-to-Become consists of:

  1. Common Investigative Meditation Practices, reflections and exchanges. Themes and assignments for the retreat are chosen by the UD Educational Director, and are aimed at helping each other to deepen insight and meditative ability.
  2. Opportunity for individual Transformation sessions offered by Graduates, to help furthering individual development.
  1. Meetings and individual tutoring options, arranged by Graduates, supporting the process of writing the Graduation Paper.
  2. Exchange on implementation of Unity in Duality in various fields in order to inspire each other to apply the material.
  3. Oral Graduation by those Graduates-to-become who have been invited by the Educational Board to share their Oral Presentation.


Internationally, weekend meetings or supervision days online are organised. Also, on a national level, there is the possibility to partake in supervision groups. Supervision entails working with one’s own material and Art-of-Relating work with others, and sharing this in the group.

Feedback and help from peers and the Graduate tutor help personal integration, experiential deepening, and application of the UD Personal Development and Art-of-Relating, including theory and writing about these in Reports and the Graduation Paper.


Min. 3-Sessions: own choice among assigned UD graduates;


In the course of the Graduation Program, the student could decide to go for the full Graduation process:
the following is thus mandatory

  • Completion of at least one 8-days International Retreat of the Graduation Program;
  • Completion of tutoring process concerning the paper and cases, over a period of at least a year, in a minimum of 3-Individual Supervision Sessions and 2-International Group Supervision days or a weekend;
  • Completion of Graduation Paper based on personal experience with one’s self-developmental process, demonstrating the ability to use UD theory and practice for furthering one’s own process;
  • Completion of 5-Art-of-Relating case-reports, demonstrating how one was able to use UD views and methods in a process of helping others in a number of encounters, spread over a considerable amount of time;

More detailed information on the Graduation can be provided by Graduates, qualified for tutoring and by the Graduation Organisation-Committee (GOC)

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