Harmonising Body, Mind and Reality Interrelationships

Body and mind, is this a jolly party or are we struggling to live together?
Here is a way to join together, moving through life experiences in joy and comfort.


Body and mind need each other; they cannot exist without this partnership and will effectuate a reality to appear accordingly.
We will use a series of exercises to move closer to a subtle harmony of our natural and sound base.

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Through its senses, our body can reflect certain facets of form existence, creating a mental frame of reference. The Body and Mind has a unified interrelationship where neither the Mind nor the Body can exist without the other part, the Mind being the awareness and the body being the manifestation in form carrying the sense abilities. However, following the Indo-Tibetan Tantric tradition there are many levels of function between the two identified. And each level of Body and Mind cooperation opens for accessing what is at a different level of existence.

The experiences of these levels range from more superficial abstract conceptually based realities of names and description, to sense realities without abstraction or use of language, to subtler and subtler realities of Body and Mind, ending in the subtlest possible Body-Mind and Subject-Object unity. To heal, we will experience and explore different levels of Body and Mind and also explore the different reality unfoldment these imply, for gently moving towards our natural and sound base.