Harmonising feminine and masculine energies

We all seek harmony and especially between the feminine and masculine within; here are a few steps on the path towards that sunny upland:
A way to bring balance and calm to our daily life.


To function well we need to have a certain harmony in how we move through life.
We will practice a series of guided meditations, gently moving us towards balance in our way of being.
Becoming aware of whether one or the other energy is dominating, moving off balance.

content workshop

During this course, we will look at creating a balance between our masculine and feminine energies. In the modern world the majority practice meditation in the hope of improving the conditions of their lives. Turning to meditation or energy practices, it is believed some miracle will transform unpleasant situations and bring harmony to their lives. From the Buddhist perspective, meditation is viewed quite differently. We know that by doing this or that practice we will develop internally and transform ourselves. It is the inner causes that need to be changed, which is done through meditation. This is nothing miraculous; we know how this change occurs. We proceed step by step while moving gradually through layers of transformation. Meditation, which is also energy work, has many levels and many different approaches.

We all have two-forms of energy. Energy, more inward intuitive, calm; then another more outgoing, conceptual. We need both of these energies to work together in a balanced way, supporting each other. If they are unbalanced, we have problems; they should be cooperating.
Bringing harmony to our feminine and masculine energies, we can proceed in three ways: the first, by connecting to our surface body/mind energy. The second is rooted in the Buddhist tradition of contacting subtle energy uniting the two energies. The third way is by connecting with the energies of nature or the universe.