Interrelation of Perception and Realities

Is this a spade?
Our view of reality is coloured by our state of mind, the culture we exist in, our language. Let’s call it a spade and dig down to explore perspectives of reality.


We will be looking at the constant change in our perspective of reality. Taking part in practices to be more aware of our divertive perception possibilities. Discover ways to view from a sharper angle of subject-object interrelationship.

content workshop

According to Indo-Tibetan Inner-science, perception does not only exist through the senses but very much through our conceptuality and corresponding feelings.

If a person is in an unbalanced state of mind, it is easy for others to see they perceive the world bears no relation to a shared reality. However, even a relatively balanced person will experience bad days, when the whole world looks gloomy and dull and good days, where everything is fine. This perception is mainly a mental creation, not existing in and of itself as the rest of society perceives it.
We tend to share a common conceptual ground in different cultures and within specific societies, where we agree on the conventions of naming, language and values. But this does not imply that the naming or the agreed values have objective truth, simply partaking in a collective view of what is.

The only yardstick remaining for contacting existence is sense perception. But even here, we can only refer to the human senses as co-creators of a shared human reality. Were our body condition to change, our reality would also change. Subjective sense perception and the perceived object are finely bound together. However, going deeper from the sense perceptions, other levels of reality are to be found, leading to a new way of perceiving what exists as a continuous flux of mutually determined interrelatedness.