Lene Handberg,
Semrig Thablam Rabjam


Lene Handberg is the co-originator of the Unity in Duality Training and Educational Director of Tarab Institute International, an organisation with branches now in Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Holland, Slovakia, Spain and India, devoted to advancing the universalities of ancient Indo-Tibetan personal and spiritual wisdom.

A native of Denmark, Lene Handberg was a student and protégé of Tibetan Buddhist lama, Lharampa Geshe/Ph.D. Tarab Tulku XI, a contemporary scholar of the Dalai Lama, who developed a very complete Modern version of advanced Indo-Tibetan teachings, he called Unity in Duality, Tendrel, by extracting the universalities that apply to anyone beyond culture and faith.
Together with Ms Handberg, he founded the Tarab Institutes and developed the presentation of the Unity in Duality Training to disseminate this knowledge and investigative practice oriented tradition.

Lene Handberg v3 portrait

Given the responsibility for continuing UD

Lene Handberg, whom Tarab Tulku in 2004 asked to take over the full responsibility for the UD Trainings, continues to teach this approach of ancient Indo-Tibetan wisdom at present in many places in Europe and in India.

In 2002, Lene Handberg assisted Tarab Tulku in convening the International Unity in Duality Tendrel Conference in Munich, Germany, a meeting with the Dalai Lama as the keynote speaker where they explored the relationship between modern science and the inner-science of Buddhism.

After Tarab Tulku XI passed away far too early in 2004, Lene Handberg started the Unity in Duality Training in India (2005), in Slovakia (2006), Tarab Institute International (2008), The Netherlands (2009), and in Spain (2020) together with the good team of UD Graduates in these countries and UD students.

She studied psychology and Tibetology at Copenhagen University. She holds a Semrig Thablam Rabjam degree (S.T.R./Accomplishments in Unity in Duality eastern Inner-science and its Application). In addition to her role as the director of Education of Tarab Institute International and Tarab Ling, India, she continues the writing and compilation of Tarab Tulku’s work.


Apart from co-editor and co-author on Einheit in der Vielfalt (2005), ISBN 3-89620-250-2, and Unity in Duality, Pratītyasamutpāda, Tendrel Conference, Munich 2002, (2014) ISBN 978-87-93289-00-0; editing the translation of Brilliant Rays of Interrelated Nature, ISBN 978-93-5104-111-5 (2014); she has written Dream Wisdom (2014), and Lucid Dream Wisdom (2022), ISBN978-87-93289-04-8 (available on Amazon);

and well under way for publishing are the Unity in Duality text-books in regard Module I (UD Education) on the Universalities of Vaibhāşika, Sautrāntika, Yogācāra and Mādhyamaka extracted by Tarab Tulku XI and those of Module IV (UD Education) on “Love and Compassion”, “Śamatha and Vipassana” and “Dzogchen”. Lene Handberg has attended many international conferences and written a range of articles some of which are downloadable from this website.