Liberating the Power of Negative Emotions – Dual & Non-dual Means

Two experienced guides who have worked together for millennia step forward and guide us along an ancient and well-trodden path away from negative and destructive patterns.


Using ancient tried and tested Buddhist solutions of moving away from deep-seated emotional conditions that taint our reality:
Solutions to emotional conditions that have maybe lain dormant or which appear daily.

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In this course, we will be looking at how our emotional condition affects us and our view of what exists. Positive or negative emotions are a category of feelings, normally not differentiated from verbalisation, though often supported by this, resulting in a repression of the pure feeling whether the emotion is sent inwards or outwardly expressed.
Negative emotion is the outcome of protection for a vulnerable self-reference and is a gateway to the underlying structure from which it arises. There are seemingly two opposing ways to use this opening of these subconscious structures, which can rule our lives. One is a dual approach the other is a non-dual nature:

The dual approach:
Concerning the negative emotional feeling, one can recognise 1) that the vulnerable feeling is a long-term companion, an old unpleasant feeling of oneself that at certain times rises to the surface.
And that there exists 2) an interrelationship between the vulnerable self-feeling, which when emotional I take to be me, and my experience of the other/environment accordingly.

Based on these two realisations, taking hold of this self-reference feeling instead of repressing it, we can influence the former self-reference imprints. By using inner and outer resources, taking charge, not only of the self-reference condition itself but also of our experience. In this way, we can avoid the projection of the otherwise accompanied interruptive and at times destructive experience and action in relation with oneself and the other/environment often following negative emotions. We can access capacities of using emotions to start changing the underlying problematic imprint field.
The Non-Dual approach: By unifying with the negative emotional self-reference-feeling, while keeping the image and feeling awareness with the object appearance, enduring the attach, the problematic structure can exhaust itself by taking one through a death-like process of the vulnerable self-reference feeling itself. In this way, the emotion, which in itself has a certain energy force, instead of being a destructive agent, can be freed, giving space for creative, constructive and transformational ends. However, for the non-dual method to truly function, the practitioner needs to have been attentive to the dual.