Lucid Dream Wisdom – Mobilising the creativity of the unconscious

This is the brass ring!
Reach out now. The crown jewel of Tarab Tulku Rinpoche’s life’s work.
An incredible opportunity to enter a world of empathy and deep knowledge.


A week-long course opens the door to the accumulative knowledge gleaned from thousands of years of study in an area generally unavailable to modern cultures.
Tarab Tulku Rinpoche spent his life working studying and excelling in Dream Yoga. From this massive vault of knowledge, we will practice getting in touch with an area of our life that is little understood outside of the Indo-Tibetan, Shamanistic world.
We will train in entering the imaginary dream body, working towards a deep intuitive understanding of the underlying structures that govern our daily life.  

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In this course, we use means of shamanic dream tradition and the methods of Indo-Tibetan Dream Yoga, together with the original methods of recalling dreams and gaining lucidity in dreams. We will discuss why and how the techniques of the UD work in dealing with our mental patterns, participants will be trained to enter the imaginary body-mind, using subtle sense awarenesses.
The original dream methods allow us to work directly with the dream material for the purpose of personal development and the beginning of a spiritual transformation. Mastery of dreams and imaginary states opens up deep intuitive understandings. Applying the ancient dreaming techniques of India and Tibet, the dream state directly and radically deals with crucial underlying issues that otherwise rule our lives unconsciously. Methods for dream recall and entering the lucid dream state will help us heal and transform our inadequate mental structures as well as teach us how to cultivate deep intuitive understanding. Mastery of these methods gives us access to our deepest strength of being, opening the natural resilience and grit

Each night as we fall asleep, a vast treasure trove of information opens up to us that we can use to free ourselves from our limitations and move towards greater wholeness and well-being. Our dreams, far from being mere meaningless repetitions of our daily experiences, are gateways to the mystery of our inner realms and beyond, opportunities for transformation. Because the dream state is an energetic state, skilful work can provide an opportunity for an intuitive understanding of inscrutable realms of our otherwise material and seemingly solid reality.
This intensive dream course, based on Unity in Duality, a program developed by the Tibetan master Tarab Tulku XI, is an introduction to aspects of the shamanistic dream tradition and Buddhist Dream Yoga and includes methods for remembering dreams and gaining lucidity in the dream state as well as other techniques to help participants developing facilities of using dreams directly for personal development. Employing these ancient Indo-Tibetan methods gives the practitioner powerful tools to directly and radically address the underlying emotional and psychological issues that manifest in the dream, at the same time giving access to the spiritual realm.

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Tibet had two specific traditions for processing dreams and using them in the dream state: the shamanic tradition and the Indo-Tibetan Dream Yoga tradition.

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