Mandala – Harmonising Man and Nature

The mandala reveals its secrets.
Drawing mandalas in free form, they reveal hidden pearls of wisdom.
We have a week to deepen, explore and balance what they show us.

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A week-long course where the mandala will be a central theme.
Examining the classical forms’ symbolic meaning relating to the element-origins, saturating everything that exists. Element practices and freeform drawings will function as a tool to help move toward a balanced state of being.

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In this course, we will explore the different phenomena of the mandala, using this to heal and reveal through the ancient Indo-Tibetan Wisdom of the Mandala. The traditional Indo-Tibetan mandala combines in its structure the five elements, the five colours and the five seed syllable sounds, the ground of our being and that of nature itself. Combined with the five skandhas (our psycho-physical existence), the five psychological/emotional functions, and the five Buddha qualities, the intrinsic wisdom essential for existence.

Tarab Tulku has created methods for personal development through contacting, enriching and balancing the five element-energies, basic to the principle of the traditional mandala, qualities at a physical level, a psychological level and energy level, developing a healthy connection with the natural energies of inner and outer existence for healing the imbalances within. These methods will be taught and practised during the course.

The harmonious functioning of these life forces is essential and indispensable for a healthy continuation of the existence of the universe and the individual. Through meditation and contemplation we will create spontaneous mandala drawings. The mandala being an expression of these basic forces of existence; the mandala drawings display patterns to guide us in the following healing process.

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0:09 Introduction
2:50 Why this topic is essential…
4:32 What are the elementary forces?
9:20 Why are elementary forces important?
11:27 Elementary forces as universalities
12:33 How will we work?
13:52 What we will do.
15:51 Using spontaneous drawings.
18:25 How the drawings can be used.
19:32 How one can benefit from participating
22:01 Harmonizing man and nature

27:10 How this can support moving into climate action
30:39 Why a deeper feeling relationship is helpful
33:53 How the retreat relates to spiritual work
37:09 Inner transformation for sustainable action
39:15 How the intellect can benefit
42:07 Introduction to upcoming international training