U.D. Module II:
Personal Development


Module II is laying the foundation for UD Personal Development by application of the ancient Inner-Science views of Module I in the study and practice of the dynamic of our mind, based on the self-reference, and transformation of body, mind and reality.

Prerequisites: Participation in Module I + Individual sessions as outlined above

Courses: This module consists of four 5-days courses, with teaching, practices and discussions, two 5-days retreats, and four weekend courses, aiming at joining and deepening inner personal abilities.
Between courses: group work, individual sessions and studies.

Time frame Module II: 2 years.

Week 1

This course helps us to understand the functioning of our 6 types of minds: 5 sense perceptions, plus the 6th perception, which we can part into three types: (a) conceptual minds (b) image minds (c) feeling/uniting minds. We learn about the functioning of each type of mind, and which purpose it can be used. We also learn how the subtlety of the 6th minds can vary according to the subtlety of the embodiment on which basis they are used.

Giving insight into the type of reality, we discover which practice or meditation is accessible and on which basis.
With this unique “mapping of minds” at all levels of these in relation to their specific embodiments (grounding), we are opening the inter-relational continuum of perception in waking state, deep sleep, and dream, including the spiritual dimension.

Week 2

The study of the dynamic of the minds on the basis of the self-reference offers insights in how we build up our realities from the centre of the self-reference feeling. We learn to recognise the way the conceptual, image and feeling perceptions become activated and influence each other in our own system and how this impacts our life.

We explore why and how harmonious and vulnerable self-references unfold from imprints under secondary causes and how they influence us as they appear. From experiencing this dynamic, it becomes clear how changing or refining the cooperation of the different types of perceptions, and changing the self-reference feeling, can help us to better and deepen our experience of us and reality.

Week 3

The study of dual-transformation helps us to rediscover our inner means or resources to improve or deepen our self-reference feeling, which otherwise automatically rules the functioning of our minds in creating our experience of reality and influences our way of being in this world and relating with others. We learn how to further enhance these inner means by seeking external resources.

As a result of transformation, we deepen our insight into our self-reference structures and how they are inter-related with our experience. We increase flexibility in our functioning and gain a fuller sense of being, so that we can become masters in our house again, attaining inner and outer freedom.

Week 4: Retreat:
Mandala – Harmonising Man And Nature

ws dreamyoga
Retreat: Mandala – Harmonising Man And Nature

Week 5

Non-dual transformation of challenging core self-reference structures is a deep way of transformation, which can gradually be developed along the way of practicing dual transformation and building up insight in the dynamics of mind and corresponding reality. In this course, we will begin participation in the death process of disruptive self-references.

Non-dual transformation implies to stay with these self-references, for instance, using the force of the attacks we naturally produce in nightmares, not resisting their dissolving, dying or uprooting. During this process we are simultaneously opening to the insight of similarities between dual and non-dual transformation, processes of dying, and the stages of the spiritual path.

Week 6: Retreat:
Lucid Dream Wisdom

Retreat: Lucid Dream Wisdom

Individual sessions

Two individual UD Sessions (1 hour/session), for implementation of the Module II material.

Participants applying for Module III follow two additional Transformation sessions (2-3 hour/session).

weekend courses
for joining and deepening inner personal abilities

Harmonising body, mind, and realities interrelationships
Harmonising feminine and masculine energies
Transformation of oneself, ego-death and self-rebirth
Liberating the power of negative emotions, dual & non-dual means