U.D. Module III:


Module III is laying the foundation for helping others on the basis of Unity in Duality theory and practice, by learning how to deepen one’s own condition and “using oneself as a tool” in encounters with others. The view of interrelated nature of body, mind and reality is used to keep on working on oneself while simultaneously creating a deep connection with the other on the basis of which, you can see through the condition of the other and help the other go through a transformation process.

a) Completion of the assignments of Module I & II;
b) Minimum, 2 individual UD Sessions (1 hr. each) and 2 individual Transformation sessions (2-3 hrs. each),

This module consists of three 5-day courses with teaching, discussions and practices and two weekend courses on helping self and others in challenging situations and accessing deeper body-mind-reality.
Between courses: group work, individual sessions and studies..

Time frame Module III: 1 year.

Week 1

During this course we train in encounters to listen from the UD view of Subject–Object and Body–Mind interrelationship into the dynamic process of perceptions, conscious as well as subconscious, that builds up the other’s reality. This implies dealing with our own interrelated body-mind dynamic system and taking care of our own self-reference structure based on ‘nearness to self’ and ‘openness to the other’, while exploring the new possibilities for change in the other that this first stage of ‘using oneself as a tool’ has to offer.

We practice how to use the Unity in Duality view of the encounters with help of reports specifically based on the view of Subject–Object and Body–Mind interrelationships in theory and practice.

Week 2

During this course, we train to identify and deal with different types of self-reference structures in the other, studying their etiology, how they manifest in behavioural structures, and how to apply the appropriate methods from UD Art-of-Relating. From the condition trained in M III, 1, now we are specifically training to feel into the self-reference condition of the other and how to support the other with transformation of their core structure, training now the second stage of ‘using ourselves as tools’.

With all of this, we pursue tuning into the high ethical code that is possible based on the view and training in UD Art-of-Relating.
We practice how to discuss and write about our experiences, using the Art-of-Relating Reports.

Week 3

This course “Death–Key to Creation” is aimed at training how to recognise and deal with existential fear concerning self and others, with special focus on assisting others at the time of dying. We train in dealing with our own fears by going through death processes in imagery body, based on the view of Subject–Object, Body–Mind and Energy(potential-field)–Matter inter-relationships, in theory, and practice.

We practice in encounters to assist others in death-like processes, while continuously training to ‘use oneself as a tool’ with all that has been introduced in MIII, 1& 2, implementing as well the ethical code which is of the essence for proper UD Art-of-Relating. All along we also practice how to use the Art-of-Relating Reports.


Module III is finished with an individual written assignment in the form of a 3-page essay on own implementation of UD Personal Development

or written group assignment in the form of 1,5 pages X max 3 persons of the group + oral presentation.


5 x Individual Transformation sessions

weekend courses

Basic Nature Of The Body-Mind – Beyond Surface Manifestation
Stress Management and Healing – A Unity in Duality Approach