U.D. Module IV:
Spiritual Development


Module IV lays the foundation for spiritual transformation through introductions to Love and Compassion, Śamatha/Vipaśana (meditation stage) and Rigpa (unity nature).
Using the traditions of the Manjusri/Wisdom line, drawing on the line of Maitreya, we begin on a journey of discovery. We will gain nearness to ourselves and openness to others. From this resilient natural space, we open to Love and Compassion. Where Samatha is the entry and path to meditative stages, and a gathering of quiet complete blissful experiences and Vipassana is the Wisdom aspect. Finally, referring to Tarab Rinpoche’s introduction to the Dzogchen Practice, based on Tsik sum Né Dek by Garab Dorje, “hitting the essence in three words”, pointing to the wholeness/unity nature of existence.

Prerequisites: The courses of this module are open for everyone to attend.
Nevertheless, the entire gain and impact of these courses can only be experienced to the extent in which the material of Module I, II and III is integrated into one’s practice.

Courses: This module consists of three 5-day courses/retreats with teaching, discussions and practices. The courses are organized internationally.

Time frame: Depends

Week 1: RETREAT (5 DAYS)
Love, Compassion and Bodhicitta

Introduction to Love, Compassion and Bodhicitta, in theory, and practice based on UD

Week 2: RETREAT (5 DAYS)
Samatha & Vipassana

Samatha & Vipassana
For Entering The Spiritual Dimension

Week 3: RETREAT (5 DAYS)

Introduction To Dzogchen
– Approaching Rigpa