Module I, 2 Sautrantika Inner-science 2023 10 20-23

Friday Okt 20 to Monday Okt 23, 2023, The Netherlands Nijmegen

Sautrāntika-studies are following the famous Nalanda University scholar and yogi, Dharmakīrti, who in his “Pramāṇavārttikam” analysed the nature of the conceptual mind and corresponding conceptual reality, explaining brilliantly and in a totally new way how we abstract. We get insight into the functioning of conceptual mind and its reality of ideas, and how they differ from sense minds and sense reality.

Experiencing this in exercises, enables us to get into a balanced use of language and non-language perceptions. This in turn is imperative for becoming a harmoniously grounded person, and for personal and spiritual development. These first two courses lay the ground for an empowering insight that when applied could make a remarkably positive effect to our way of being.


S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

Practical information

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