Announcement first UD International Training 2023-2026

This first UD International training is in the frame of the Tarab Institute Spain, Tarab Ling, India and Tarab Institute Denmark.
In this UD International Training we offer four courses every year: two of which will be on Zoom (arranged by TI-Spain) and two with Presence at Tarab Ling, India,

All Week Courses of the UD Training are planned to be given by Lene Handberg;
Weekend courses and Individual Sessions may be given by especially dedicated UD Graduates.

For more details see “UD International Training 2023-2026.detailed info” section at the bottom

Below the overview.

Overview of of the courses of the first module

Introduction course:

Content description:
Reality is many things. But still, can we change our reality or/and can we change ourselves and are these two sides connected? The answer will become clear during the UD training to which we give an introduction in this short weekend course. Here is a hint, though! Following the ancient Eastern inner sciences, it is by changing our perception of existence that reality in itself changes. This is moving from a “victim” to becoming responsible in life’s great flow.

Unlike a modern cultural approach that manages to distinguish the discipline of philosophy from psychology and vice versa, in the view of Unity in Duality, it is pretty impossible to answer the question: “What is existence?” without questioning: How and what do I perceive? And how does that relate to what exists? What is the functioning of the different types of perception? Do I have a part in creating my problematic realities, or are they inflicted on me by the environment? Could I possibly participate in changing my reality/experience, become less projective, and even transform myself for personal or even spiritual development?
If we ask why is an event within the same family experienced by everyone differently? From the Eastern inner-science tradition, we would get the answer: because each of us has a say in how our reality unfolds. There is no fixed experience; reality always being relational. There are as many realities as people living the event. We could ask further: how do we construct our reality? This is the fundamental question we will begin to answer because only then can we truly: Deal with the distressing aspects of our everyday experience; we could reduce sources of daily stress; no longer live as a “victim” of our experienced environment; become responsible actors of our own life.
Experientially, we will touch upon these questions, reaching real understanding and insight during the UD Training, and we will see how our experiences don’t exist out there independently. We will also explore the possibilities of radically altering our experience of ourselves to become more harmonious, more open and more flexible. Indo-Tibetan Tradition, UD, holistically places psychology closely related to its philosophical foundation. Tarab Tulku XI has developed this system, which we present as Unity in Duality (UD) and originates in ancient Indo-Tibetan knowledge and insight. It has now evolved into a system perfectly adapted to respond to the personal as well as spiritual problems that we encounter in our modern societies.

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  • Sunday 25th June or Sunday 17-th September, 2023 (1 days x 3.5 hours)–On Zoom
  • 5.30-9 pm (Indian Time) and 2 pm – 5.30 pm (European time)
    especially for new UD participants

1st course (Module I)

link to content description Module I week 1

  • 9th-15th October, 2023 (7 days x 3.5 hours)–On Zoom
  • 5.30-9pm (Indian Time) and 2 pm – 5.30 pm (European time)

Extra Module 1 Week 1 in 2024 to give new students the possibility to join this training.

  • 3th-9th February, 2024 (7 days x 3.5 hours)–On Zoom or at Tarab Ling India
  • 2.30-6 pm (Indian Time) and 11 am – 14.30 pm (European time)

2nd and 3rd course (Module I)

link to content description Module I week 2

link to content description Module I week 3

  • February 2024: 14th-20th
    & 23nd to March 1st
    (2 x7 days with 2 days off in between for integration +)
  • 9am-1pm & 3.30pm-6pm – In presence at Tarab Ling, Dehradun, India
    We cannot promise that the courses held at Tarab Ling will be available on Zoom. This option, anyway, should only be used if it is absolutely impossible for participants to be present due to sickness. As all courses are built on one another, participation in all courses is necessary to be able to follow this training.

4th course (Module I)

link to content description Module I week 4

  • 22nd-28th June, 2024 (7 days x 3.5 hours)–On Zoom
  • 5.30-9pm (Indian Time) and 2 pm – 5.30 pm (European time)

Course prices

Course prices on Zoom

INTRO WORKSHOP (short day): 25th JUNE or 17th SEPT , 2023, 3’5 hours x 1 day
Price for Indians: Free
Price for Europeans and Overseas: Free
Free benefactor price

WEEKEND WORKSHOP (short days): 3’5 hours x 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Price for Indians: 500 INR
Prices for Europeans and Overseas: 65 € repeaters
120 € normal
170 € benefactor price

7-DAY COURSES (short day): 7th-15th OCTOBER, 2023 & 22nd-28th JUNE, 2024:
7 days, 3’5 hours/day.
Price for Indians: 4,200INR
Prices for Europeans and Overseas: 150€ repeaters
275€ normal
400€ benefactor price

TEXTBOOKS: For each course there is a text book. It will be available on-line for a limited time and can be purchased at Tarab Ling in paper format for 20€ per book.

Course prices at Tarab Ling, Dehradun India

Indians, 7 days without board,includingcourse price and lunch and teas: 7.000 INR
Indians, 7 daysincluding board and course price: 14,000 INR

European and Overseas Lodging 7 days (one course)

RoomReduced *NormalBenefactor
Single Room200€270€340€
Double Room140€/each210€280€

European and Overseas Teachings at Tarab Ling, 7 days (or on Zoom)

Reduced *NormalBenefactor

Reduced * : Option only available for repeaters

Please note that if you are in an economical pressed situationor live in a country where the earnings are low, the rates can be negotiated.

Registration for the UD International Training

For your registration, you chose the one for you most convenient Tarab Institute among these three:

Please name your email: “UD International Training”

If you have already taken a specific UD training course, in regard to this course(s) you belong to the group of REPEATERS, and you are not obliged to pay the full amount but, of course, always welcomed.
The UD Training weeks build upon each other and have to be taken in the right order. However, if you are a REPEATER, you may join whichever of the course(s) you wish to repeat, while jumping other courses.

UD International Training 2023-2026 detailed info

For a mobile friendly presentation in Canva, click this link

For the pdf version, see below:

For the most recent dates and price of “Introduction course”: see above!

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