Module II, 5 Exploring the non-dual transformation-2023 04 29-05 03

Saturday Apr. 29 to Wednesday May 3, 2023, Spain, Barcelona

Non-dual transformation of challenging core self-reference structures is a deep way of transformation, which can gradually be developed along the way of practicing dual transformation and building up insight in the dynamics of mind and corresponding reality. In this course, we will begin participation in the death process of disruptive self-references.

Non-dual transformation implies to stay with these self-references, for instance, using the force of the attacks we naturally produce in nightmares, not resisting their dissolving, dying or uprooting. During this process we are simultaneously opening to the insight of similarities between dual and non-dual transformation, processes of dying, and the stages of the spiritual path.


S.T.R. Lene Handberg and team

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