Module Graduation I9

Yearly Graduation Presentations 2023 09 2-9

Saturday Sept. 2 to Saturday Sept. 9, 2023, Spain, Vallcebre

for Graduates and Graduates-to-Become consists of:

  1. Common Investigative Meditation Practices, reflections and exchanges. Themes and assignments for the retreat are chosen by the UD Educational Director, and are aimed at helping each other to deepen insight and meditative ability.
  2. Opportunity for individual Transformation sessions offered by Graduates, to help furthering individual development.
  3. Meetings and individual tutoring options, arranged by Graduates, supporting the process of writing the Graduation Paper.
  4. Exchange on implementation of Unity in Duality in various fields in order to inspire each other to apply the material.
  5. Oral Graduation by those Graduates-to-become who have been invited by the Educational Board to share their Oral Presentation.


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