Tarab Ling Association

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Tarab Ling Association was established in 1999 by Tarab Tulku Rinpoche,
Below its goals and programs.

The goals

  • Make available the universalities of the Ancient Indian Inner Science of Mind and Reality (in reference to Ancient Nalanda University) and its relationship with contemporary science;
  • Teach the implications and implementation of these universalities to meet the most urgent problems in the modern world and to shoulder universal responsibilities
  • Support human development through insight into the interrelated nature Pratityasamutpada (tendrel/tenjung).
  • Create peace by developing love and compassion between individuals, peoples, and faiths
  • Support harmony between man and nature.

general public program

  • Study and Training Program in Unity in Duality (UD) – Pratityasamutpada (tendrel/tenjung) –, teaching the universalities of Ancient Indian Inner Science with relation to Contemporary Science
  • Specific UD Study Programs of short-term international courses for students from other institutes
  • Short term courses designed for professional development
  • Short term UD Courses designed for specific working fields and groups
  • Contemplation and meditation retreats
  • Yoga classes.

Science Program
by research team

  • Research the implications of the knowledge of Ancient Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena in contemporary science, the helping professions, and education
  • Implement findings in the scientific fields, helping professions and educational institutions
  • Compile, archive and publish teaching materials from Tarab Tulku Rinpoche and senior UD teachers and adequate comparative works.

Host conferences