unity in duality education

A series of one year courses, guiding students into the wisdom of Unity in Duality


The Unity In Duality Education

UD Education has its basis in universal wisdom, drawn from the ancient texts of India and Tibet. UD is neither a study of Buddhism as a religion, nor is it a prerequisite to being a Buddhist student. Tarab Tulku Rinpoche has drawn essential and universal insights from the Buddhist tradition. The knowledge that has been treasured for thousands of years within Eastern traditions. According to Tarab Rinpoche, these are part of our inheritance and should be available to humanity at large. Presented here for modern audiences and cultures through, Inner-science, Personal Development, Art-of-Relating and Spiritual Application.

I was able to explore this ancient universal knowledge by means of the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition, in which I grew up. Personally I feel privileged having grown up in this old tradition as this experience offered me very favourable circumstances for my studies and research during a period where the tradition was still very much alive.
It appeared as an immense treasure of theory and methods. But at the same time I am now sure that in principle I could have reached the same insight from any given culture.

– The founder of Unity in Duality Education, Tarab Rinpoche

Curriculum Unity in Duality Education

The Four Training Modules in Unity in Duality

These four modules study specific aspects of the four Schools of the Inner Science of Mind, Experience and Existence, which are fundamental to Unity in Duality’s further application in personal development and guiding others in their development.
All Modules, include exercises making the material clear within one’s own experience as well as integrating theoretical knowledge.

UD Module I: Science of Mind, Experience and Existence

Experience and understanding of existence.
How we integrate this ancient and modern viewpoint into our daily lives.
Working with inner-science to achieve a balanced viewpoint of how we function and achieve a sense of comfort in our relationship with the world around us.

UD Module II: Personal Development

Personal development is the baseline for spiritual evolvement.
Gaining knowledge of the interrelatedness of everything we are involved with.
Achieving a stable and close contact to our physical being, from there learning to transform negative and vulnerable emotions to acquire a harmonious and clear concept of life and the world around us.

UD Module III: Art of Relating

We move on to working with others to facilitate a mastery of their lives and reality.
Working with creating a stronger base by recognising underlying problematic perceptions of reality.
This module provides us with a powerful toolset for any scenario.

Graduation Program

The Graduation Program is leading towards full integration of Unity in Duality theory and practice by stimulating and inspiring students to bring out their own knowledge and insights. Also, its aim is to create contact and integrate students in the international Unity in Duality Community

Module Graduation I9

UD module IV: Spiritual Development

Working towards ethical and genuine conduct based on love and compassion.
Gaining a deeper mastery of ones own transformation towards a subtle being.
Interrelatedness of what we experience becomes part of our reality.


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