unity in duality workshops

Short courses of a weekend or stretching to a week. A mix of open access courses and a few restricted to those taking the education

Weekend workshops

Interrelation of Perception and Realities

Is this a spade?
Our view of reality is coloured by our state of mind, the culture we exist in, our language. Let’s call it a spade and dig down to explore perspectives of reality.

Nearness to Oneself – Openness to the World

Fall in love again.
Learn kindness and love for oneself.
If we are not comfortable with ourselves, relating to the world around us will be challenging.

Going Beyond Reactive Language and Cultural Fixations

“You talking to me?”
How we speak creates the reality we exist in. We will look at grounding, non-language perception taking us beyond cultural boundaries.

Transformation of Oneself, Ego-death and Self-rebirth

Who are you? Are you feeling comfy?
These questions slide into our consciousness at the most awkward of moments. Let us sit and see if the one identified with is the whole of you and whether we can find some other solution.

Harmonising Body, Mind and Reality Interrelationships

Body and mind, is this a jolly party or are we struggling to live together?
Here is a way to join together, moving through life experiences in joy and comfort.

Harmonising feminine and masculine energies

We all seek harmony and especially between the feminine and masculine within; here are a few steps on the path towards that sunny upland: A way to bring balance and calm to our daily life.

Liberating the Power of Negative Emotions – Dual & Non-dual Means

Two experienced guides who have worked together for millennia step forward and guide us along an ancient and well-trodden path away from negative and destructive patterns.

Dealing with fear of Change – going beyond identity fixations

This is where Buddhism excels. Connection, changes and continuation: Finding comfort in taking part in the natural flow of existence.

Stress Management and Healing – A Unity in Duality Approach

That insidious discomfort sneaks into every aspect of our lives. Our joy of life and natural energy slowly fade. Here is the light shining a clear path through the forest. Take a step and then another, welcome to new horizons.

Basic Nature of the Body-Mind – Beyond Surface Manifestation

Hey, let’s hook up! Allowing our psyche to open up, dive deep and say hello to our whole being. We can at least be friends, right!


ws dreamyoga

Mandala – Harmonising Man and Nature

The mandala reveals its secrets.
Drawing mandalas in free form, they reveal hidden pearls of wisdom.
We have a week to deepen, explore and balance what they show us.

Lucid Dream Wisdom – Mobilising the creativity of the unconscious

This is the brass ring! Reach out now.
The crown jewel of Tarab Tulku Rinpoche’s life’s work.
An incredible opportunity to enter a world of empathy and deep knowledge.

Revealing Natural Energy Resources – Harmonising feminine and masculine energies

This is where we join forces, becoming one: Discovering and opening hidden sides of our true being. Say hello to a new way of appreciating yourself.

Empowering ourselves and clients and all of us amid pandemics and environmental challenges

Take care of yourself: see the world in a new and positive way. Gaining a clear vision and acceptance of how we can relate to each other, while reducing angst and stress.

Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology

Here is something to ponder on. What are reality, existence and the relation between the two? Any answers out there? We will be looking at that age-old conundrum. By the way, there are some answers!

Ancient Mindfulness, Unity in Duality

Everyone is talking about mindfulness. Here we will do something about it and recognise its original Eastern base. This is front and centre in UD.

Introduction to Love, Compassion and Bodhicitta

Kindness! We yearn to be loved, but is it possible to develop unconditional love and compassion? Here is a safe well-worn path; let us journey together.

Death and Dying – A Key to Creation – Assisting others

Death is so final.
News just in, there are other viewpoints on the subject.
The Indo-Tibetan tradition would beg to disagree.

Introduction to Dzogchen – Approaching Rigpa

Join the choir for the song of the universe.

Samatha & Vipassana
For Entering the Spiritual Dimension

The gentle way leads to a closeness with our true self.